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plastic strapping tool/Steel strapping Machine

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Product Type: DA-135
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DA-135 electric plastic strapping tool/Steel strapping Machine is a newly plastic strapping tool. It adopts 18V new powerful motor,

plastic strapping tool/Steel strapping Machine

   Detailed description of
plastic strapping tool/Steel strapping Machine
DA-135 Binding machine
DA-135 electric PET band binding machine is a newly electric binding tool. It adopts 18V new powerful motor, whose power is supplied by lithium battery that satisfies the requirement of operating in a large scale. With the advantages of automatic fastening, buttoning and cutting, swift operation and good effect, the DA-135 electric PET band binding machine can be widely used in the packaging of light and heavy PET bands, smooth bands and knurl bands.
Strap qualities: Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP)
Weight: 4.0KG
Sealing type:Sealless
Strap tension:      3000 N
Maximum thickness with broadband:19×1.35mm
Tool Size:335×165×135mm
Power supply: Battery 18VDC / 3.0 Ah Li-Ion
Pneumatic binding machine DQ-18/DQ-25
The Pneumatic binding machine is famous for the higher tension (near 8500N) of straps. The tension loss of straps will be prohibited by using freewheel system. The durable and portable tool can be widely used for movable and immovable packaging.
 MV-19/25 type portable pneumatic automatic binding machine
Weight  3.8-4.0KG
Sealing type:Sealless
Strap tension  200KG18);280KG25
Strap dimensions
13-18MM(18)19-25MM25MAX1.05mm MAX1.2mm
Strap qualitiesPPPET
air pressure

DQ-6 Steel strapping tools
The DQ-6 type machine, with two optional tensions, can fulfill moving operation more easily without hanging. It can be used to packing pipes, cable drums, and any other small goods.
 DQ-9 Steel strapping tools
The maximum thickness of packing band DQ-9 type machine handled with is 0.90mm. The perfect double-groove up-cut sealing fusion promises 75% strength. This machine is widely used in fields of metal processing.
Strap qualities:Regular duty (Uniflex) up to 850 N/mm²
High tensile (Ultraflex) up to 1100 N/mm²
Strap dimensions: 10.0 – 19.0 x 0.38 – 0.63 mm   19.0 x 0.63 – 0.90 mm
Taut force classification : 2500 N,4500 N / 4000 N,7000 N
Weight: 4.5 kg / 6.5kg
DC-9 Steel strapping tools
Note: DC-9 non-button packing machine (extra steel button is not necessary for this type), using steel bands in regular and high tension specifications, is applicable for planar packaging, such as pallets, cases etc..The non-button connection needs only 80% tensile strength of steel band, and it saves 10% of the whole cost. All the manual machines are easy to use and efficient in any area.
Operating characteristics: High tension, button-action, auto fastening and cutting
The quality of steel band: The max. tensile strength is 850N/mm2 for regular steel band.
Tool Size:15.0 – 16.0 x 0.50 – 0.90 mm
       5/8 x .020 – .035"
Weight:3.8 kg
PET规 格
9555 -1910
9.5 -25
0.55 -1.35
210 -780


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